Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another way to sell/buy ebooks

Here's how you could get to buy my 'ebook' if you do not have a USA credit card facility to order online.
Some days ago ,I posted on Linkedin my frustration at poor sales of my ebook despite very good reviews. There were many useful replies suggesting ways of finding my niche and getting more contacts and sales.
In response to one of the suggestions to sell to friends, acquaintances, church buddies etc, I had responded that I live in Jamaica and many persons had said to me that although they would love to buy the ebook, they did not have the foreign credit facility to purchase books via a USA credit card.

Here is my respondent's great reply:

"To get over the problem of foreign credit facilities (if you have access to foreign credit facilities) have you considered taking orders yourself and then via you can 'buy' a copy as a gift for someone else!"

Very good idea, IF I myself had a credit card facility BUT it occurred to me that this is something a book store like Bookophilia in Jamaica could take on.

Persons could go to the bookstores and ask them to order Hazel Campbell's ebook ,My Darling You (love stories –sort of ), pay them what they work out as the cost and they would then order it from amazon and 'gift' it to the person ordering. On the amazon page, the purchaser is allowed to send the book as a gift to someone's kindle or computer You don't have to own a Kindle to read the ebook since there is a free download which allows you to read ebooks on your computer. Instant download,by the time you get home the book would be there for you to read.

This is just one step up from ordering physical books.(cheaper too) I wonder if anybody has thought of this possibility. Please let me know if it exists.


  1. I think this is an interesting idea. However would not Bookophilia, or any other bookstore see this as competing with their primary task, that of being a bookstore. Of course, the ebook is not in hard copy so it isn't really competing and could be another way for them to bring people into their bookstore. So it's worth asking them.

  2. Hmmm...interesting. I need to let it all sink in and then figure out how this would work LOL! Thanks Hazel!

  3. No competition Diane.
    1. Many ebooks are not in print form
    2. The bookstore would be charging for their service
    3. It's the same service they offer for physical books,but this is instant.
    One could now have a launch in a bookstore, with persons ( who don't have foreign credit cards) purchasing 'ebooks' on spot.

  4. Hazel, an e-book can also be downloaded on one's computer if they don't have a kindle. Many people 'gift' me a book straight to my kindle, since I'm a book reviewer and I can order books myself right from my Kindle and have it in seconds which always blows my mind. What's also hurting our sales a lot is amazon's lending programs and I found my book in print at a lending site--lierally give the book away for free. It's hard enough to sell without this sort of thing. Hang in there and like I said--sell yourself first in order to sell your book. I wasn't aware bookstores ssold e-books or orderd them--if so that's terrific!

    All the best, Micki Peluso, author of And the Whippoorwill Sang

  5. I don't know that bookstores are yet selling ebooks. This is my suggestion that they do so especially in countries where not many persons have access to foreign credit cards. Hey, an ebook is a book, just in a different form,and if you are a bookstore, why not.