Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just a Reminder

My five ebooks on amazon.
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MY EBOOKS: Please support

Novella:  only $1.99
A sentimental love story between Karen and Peter. Were women in the70s more naive? More forgiving?

Actually two stories. You get a brawta - The Ebony Desk

A Novel: only $3.99

A story about Destiny's loss of her identity and how she recovered.  Wealthy father imprisoned for fraud -Mother deserts them. She is already fumbling when a surprise letter informs her that Carmen who she always thought was her mother - is not.
Devastated, she resolves to find her real mom only to discover there were two. She is all alone an din danger of being kidnapped, until the lawyer she retains to find her surrogate mother enters the picture.
A very good read.

A Novella: only $1. 99

Very much like an Anansi story, wealthy Mr. King, anxious for his daughter's happiness, devises a nutty plan to find the right suitor. The plan backfires and his daughter runs away from home to make her own way in the world of music. After many disappointments, she gets a lucky break, and in the end finds her true love.
This is a modern folk tale from Jamaica.that you will enjoy reading, The song lyrics are hilarious. See the reviews and add your own.

A collection of six short stories: Only $2.99 

When Times Are Strange, people do strange things. If you like short stories (varying lengths) you'll like these six stories. The characters are larger than life.They are frightened, they weep, they have to find courage to face their challenges but they also laugh. Typical Jamaican humour bubbles under the surface.

A broad canvas of life in Jamaica.

A collection of six short stories: only $2.99

Love is in the Jamaican atmosphere, and our characters have to deal with the peculiarities of relationships as they face their partners.In these six short stories, from first love between teenagers to the aftermath of lost love for the more mature, love doesn't always end in 'happily ever after' even when there's a bit of fantasy thrown in. 'Man and woman' story can be very complicated, and romance, perhaps, merely fictional.My favourite from this collection is Emancipation Park

 I dedicated these stories to Whitney Houston, taking the title from her most famous song as they were ready just about the time she died.

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