Saturday, December 10, 2016

Poetry Anyone? #2

 Throwback to the 70's when I thought I might become a poet. (It didn't happen)

Old Colonial

I have no
Reggae I
I learned to dance
Wordsworth and
some daffodils.

I have no
I have no
Once I
jingled bells 
as I dashed through snow 
Yodeled with cowboys.

Crooned myself
into love
with Bing,
Sinatra ...... 

What a foolishness?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Poetry anyone?

I started writing in the 70s when all sorts of interesting changes were taking place in Jamaica – both good and bad. Writers were encouraged to use our 'nation language' as Kamau Brathwaite insisted on naming our patwa/patois. 

Experimentation was encouraged in politics and cultural activities. Infancy for dub poetry and other experimental aspects of the arts. Culture nights were enthusiastically arranged under the titles - Poetry, Drama, Music in the Service of the Revolution. Heady days indeed.

I had ambitions of becoming a poet. It didn’t happen.  I thought some of my attempts were lost until I found an old file with a few. I still can't find copies of the ones which won awards in the JCDC literary festivals of the day. Still looking for "God is" and "Plastic People."

Here is one of my early attempts: Alas the title should perhaps now be "In Jamaica" as we mourn the increased senseless killings.


Guns spit dead people
Spit blood.
Fire eats flesh
consumes bone.
The machete

False words entice
to make guns
spit blood,
to light
the consuming fires,
to wield the machete
to cut

Friday, October 21, 2016

New book cover

I changed the cover for my short story collection The Rag Doll.
What do you think of this?  

These three stories are mostly about women woes and coping. Read the blurb on the amazon page.
The Rag Doll 
Christmas Drops
The Carrion Eaters

Sunday, September 4, 2016


THANKS for your support for my free offer. Hope you will write a review on amazon

FREE offer ended 

Destiny is devastated when she reads these words in Carmen's letter.
"I know you have often wondered why we don’t look even the tiniest bit alike. That’s because you are not my natural child."

This is a bitter blow from the woman she has always adored and thought of as mother. Now she has to start the quest to find out who is her mother, along with the other traumatic things  going on in her life.
Review COMMENT : "I couldn't stop reading until the end and wanted more."



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lucky Deams - My new ebook

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My New ebook - two stories
Lucky Dreams and Why Not Tonight? 

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extract from Lucky Dreams
"When Morgan was in upper sixth form, an expatriate teacher from Britain made a statement which would stay with him the rest of his life. The teacher pointing to the members of his class said: "You are all philosophers here."
It was a strange idea for Morgan who had thought that philosophy always referred to high academic theory. Didn't university scholars do doctorates in philosophy covering a wide variety of subject areas? It wasn’t something for the ordinary man, let alone students who were still in secondary school.
As the years passed Morgan began to understand what the teacher meant, especially because he himself grew prone to deep thought about many of the puzzling things in life –  his and others. Frequently he thought about the lives of the people he knew; people who were poor but trying; people who Fate seemed always to punish whether they were good or bad persons.
Morgan had a beef with Fate; capricious, mean, traitorous, yet at the same time seemingly impartial and foreordained. It made no sense and often had him confusedly wavering between his Christian teachings and the inevitability of life which nobody could predict, or change."