Sunday, March 8, 2015

Plan an 'ODD' party

Plan an 'odd' party

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A few years back I invited two dear friends, around my age, to an 'odd' party. I grew up in colonial times, with British story books and was always intrigued by the people having high teas in the stories. What on earth were scones? How could cucumber sandwiches taste good?  

My 'odd' party was a creolization of the English high tea ( scones and cucumber sandwiches included - prepared by my granddaughter!). But it was fun. My friends and I reminisced about our childhood and the books we used to read, the things we didn't quite understand, and their experiences of actual 'teas' and food, especially wondrous pastry, in England.

I started thinking that an 'odd' party now and then might really be a good idea, reduce stress for a few hours, re-live a favourite childhood longing/curiosity, etc. 

I know people have theme parties, but this idea is different. For one thing, keep it small and intimate so conversation can be shared by all. And it should come out of childhood and re-live some of those moments – people can be as silly as they want without embarrassment.

I would like next time to have a Mad Hatter's tea party. (Yes, I love tea- all sorts.) with about six people. We wouldn’t have to fully dress like the creatures in the book. Some mad hats would do and the table spread with strange- ish fare. The rest we could use our imaginations to fill in, the way children do. I write for children, so I know, it is wonderfully exhilarating/liberating to think like a child again.

I didn’t like dolls so I wouldn't have a doll's tea party, but some might. A princess party might be nice. ( Princesses could swap their stories!)

What kind of party would you have?

Obviously, this post is meant for women. I wonder if older men could release their imaginations what kind of 'odd' party they would have? From what I know of how boys used to play, it would have to do with old-time cops and robbers, or sword fights, or an old-style cricket match maybe.

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