Friday, March 13, 2015

New ebook My Three Moms

There's no way to describe the destruction of self when, after nineteen years, Destiny gets a letter telling her that Carmen, who was the person she knew as mother, was not her birth  mother - Talk about identity theft!

Her problem is compounded when she is told that there are two other mothers  - an egg donor and a surrogate.

Destiny says:

When I first found out about all this, I was shattered. Not so much broken, but as if I had never been put together properly. As if I existed only in scattered pieces. Piece from Angie, piece from Mama Mac and nothing from Carmen who was the only mother I knew.

Added to this, her former wealthy life vanishes. Her father is in prison for fraud, Carmen has deserted them and she is completely on her own. Until the irrepressible attorney she consults to find her surrogate mother enters the picture. 

A very entertaining read

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