Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why is it not working?

Okay! So why is this not working. I am doing all the recommended things.( except paying for advertising- no funds ) Persons are clicking on my blog (can't tell if  they are actually reading it, though) and sales are almost nil for my ebook,up on Kindle from April14. My Darling You ( love stories-sort of) 

I have a couple of good reviews and I am using social media as recommended. Any ideas, anyone? And yes - the stories are worth reading.

If  you are curious as to why I used the subtitle love stories-sort of, scroll down and read my other blog entries.

see my other blog for writing for children


  1. I understand your frustration. I've been working day and night on promo (no funds also),But I feel I'm working towards a greater goal. I have another book coming out and I'm building relationships and getting my name out there. I've been doing as many interviews as I can, that helps my career as a comedian also. I suggest hunting down people to interview you.Any time you see or an author interview somewhe read or listen to it then go to the source. I've gotten many interviews that way. Ther person conducting the interview knows I read/listen by my comments and 9 times out of ten they were happy to grant me an interiew. I can give you a head start, go to my website and look in my "links" section. You'll see some sites for interviews I've done. Read the interview then contact the source, tell them I sent you with a comment about what you thought and about yourself and your book. I'll also resond on linkedin to this and leave my blog and a book on amazon I was interviewed for. Just a way for me to get those out there and leave them with you at the same time.Take care.

  2. Thanks Brian for responding. I'll check out your links. Actually one of the problems is not being mainstream (stories set in Jamaica)I'll follow your advice and see what happens. Blessings.