Monday, June 29, 2015

The Over Achiever

Every now and then I play around with the short-short story. It amuses me to see how much 'story' one can tell with so few words. Here is today's effort.(100 words)

The Over Achiever

©  Hazel Campbell 2015

Nobody likes my mother. She is an overachiever and batters everybody with this. "I" is the centre of all her universes. Anything you can do she has done better. Hell! I don’t like her.

   I am a good cook. She has fed presidents.

   I applied for training to go to the moon. She is the moon.

   I killed my husband. She murdered three of hers.

   They allowed me to witness her getting the fatal  needle for her crimes. She was the first woman in my country to be thus executed. 

   I wonder what she will overachieve wherever it is she has gone.

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