Monday, November 18, 2013

Changing my ebook cover
One of the good things about ebook publishing is that it is easy to change things which are not working.

My ebook When Times are Strange has not been getting much notice, so I decided to  change the cover which was rather dull to a more dramatic one. 

There are six stories in this collection with strong entertaining characters - very colourful Jamaican characters facing strange times and strange happenings.

Here's a quote from an interview with Jacqueline Bishop.
"Hazel Campbell, a 2011 Silver Musgrave medalist, is a marvellous writer. Her characters literally jump off the pages and you get fully immersed in their worlds" Read the interview here
Hop over to my amazon page and take a look inside, and buy a copy please

 Previous cover for comparison.What do you think? It's all experimental

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When Times are Strange
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