Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cover Information

So, we all know that the cover should have the title of the book as well as the name of the author. in addition to an attractive design. Is it necessary to give any more information for ebooks which by their nature do not carry a blurb?

Is it necessary to identify a collection of short stories, for example, or say that the book is folklore. I have wondered about two of my books in particular.

Would it help to put on the cover that When Times are Strange is a collection of short stories? or that Mr. King's Daughter is a folktale?  The thing is, I presumed that the information on the amazon page would give the information a potential reader might need/want. But I am slowly coming to the conclusion that people do not automatically read this information. I notice that book covers for the more popular romance genre invariably have  (steamy) illustrations which  immediately suggest what to expect. What do you think?

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