Monday, August 12, 2013

Stories from Jamaica

There's all sorts of advice in many different places on the Internet about how to get one's ebook, in particular, noticed and BOUGHT. When I put out my first collection of short stories My Darling You,. I had high hopes of getting some sales. At the time everybody was saying -'that's the way to go.' But, I've found that it's not so easy, especially if one is not writing 'hot' romance. I think I will try a novel next, as the short story genre doesn't seem to be very popular. Plus, of course, I am writing from an island perspective.
Thanks all who have given me good wishes for the new collection

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check When Times are Strange here 

When Times are Strange is a collection of six stories mainly set in the 70's in Jamaica.It was a time of social and political upheavals which created painful experiences for many - including the decision to migrate in fear of imminent dangers, real and imagined. Two of the stories in this collection, Supermarket Blues and  See me in me Benz an Ting show the direct impact of these troubling times. When first published by Savacou in Jamaica, the stories received critical acclaim.Some have been republished in different anthologies. The last story in the collection Devil Star was shortlisted in the Commonwealth Short Story competition (Caribbean region ) in 2011.

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It's really a good read.When Times Are Strange

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