Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Thoughts #2

Dog is man's best friend, they say. And this is usually taken to mean best friend to the dog's owner. But is this always so?

Some time ago I had a friend who kept four or five dogs for protection since she lived alone. The dogs were mixed breeds, fierce looking, and they would bark up a storm. None of her friends could just push her gate and enter as we pleased. We had to wait for her to control the dogs, while we walked quickly into the safety of her enclosed verandah.

She also had  some large mango trees; bombay and julie, and those trees usually bore abundantly.

In Jamaica, mango season is fraught with the danger of casual thieves just walking in and stripping the trees. But, the dogs, we all thought would prevent anyone troubling my friend's trees.

Until one day, hearing sounds, she looked through her window and couldn’t believe her eyes.. There was a man with a bag collecting her mangoes, and all the dogs around him wagging their tails. She said the dogs looked as if they were helping the man. As if they were saying, 'This tree, not so sweet, try this one over here.'

The man, of course, ignored her when she called out to him and just continued collecting her mangoes, sure that a call to the police would not be answered. anytime soon.
Man's best friend!

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