Monday, May 28, 2012


I laugh a lot, at a lot of foolishness and the older I grow it seems there are many foolish things to laugh at. – both people and things. Gets me into trouble sometimes, especially if I am around persons without a sense of humour.

The other day, I saw a close up on television of a rabbit eating and had to laugh out loud. Everything on its face twitched and wiggled as it chewed. It occurred to me that God must have a sense of humour.

I have always laughed at the wrong times. Once when I was in fourth form (a long time ago), the whole class was in detention for making a noise.For some reason I had a reputation for excessive talking and when the form teacher (Mrs. Veitch) came in to ascertain who was responsible for the noise, of course my name was called. I stood up indignantly to declaim. "Miss, I was not spoking at the time." The class, of course, tittered and I collapsed into helpless laughter which earned me an order mark (serious thing).

Then there was the time I was a young teacher and the class had to make a report on their favourite music. One bright spark talked for 3 minutes about her love of 'raw soul.'
If you know Jamaican bad words, you will know how that sounds when pronounced as one word..A teacher should not laugh in such circumstances – right? RIGHT!

There was another day when my car was in a stationary traffic line near where some higglers were selling.  One of them suddenly went into the 'spirit' - tongues and bending, jerking body and all. Then she came out of it, as suddenly as she had gone into it, as if nothing had happened. I was scared at first, as I thought something had gone wrong with her, only to hear her friend asking: "Wha' happen,Missis? How you get into spirit so early in the morning?". She answered quite mildly: "Ah, mi chile, ah so it go sometimes." I laughed all the way to work.

Needless to say, my children don't find my stories funny. They roll their eyes a lot while I am laughing at my own story. I forgive them. They live in stressful times. It seems not much is funny these days. Which brings me to the problem of writing humorous stories for the present generations. What makes them laugh?  I will have to research this. If you see me quietly chuckling while in a waiting room somewhere, I'm not going mad, just enjoying a joke which nobody else can see. And then perhaps I'll put it in a story.

Here's a link to one of my humorous stories. have fun reading  Very High Science

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  1. Yes, now I've read it, and I'm smiling. I must share with everyone that since you and I have become friends I laugh all the time. We laugh as we talk about this and that. I don't even know what, but we laugh. Thanks for the laughing, Hazel, because you know I'm given to viewing things through very serious lenses sometimes. Now if you can only find out what makes young people laugh.

  2. What a charming article! There's not enough laughter in this world and I appreciate you reminding us to find humor in the littlest of things. I can't be serious for very long which is why my two books are light-hearted.

  3. Very nice, indeed, Hazel. I was smiling the whole way through. I love laughter, it's the best medicine I have found to date, and it's still free. I find that my sense of humour is different from the younger ones; it's as you say, stress retards their ability to find humour, or maybe it's age that has made us more relaxed. Who knows? Your article made me think back to several instances of my own uncontrollable laughter, most at the most innapropriate times to say the least, but that only served to sweetened the pot.