Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review of My Darling YOu

I thank Geoffrey Philp for his review of my ebook My Darling You. Among other things he says:
The stories in My Darling You are engaging in their deft development of character, use of dialogue, and adept handling of plot. But there's more. They also give the reader a brief glimpse into the lives of characters who have been changed by love while skillfully exploring Jamaican attitudes toward sexuality ("Emancipation Park) and the influence of the church on the romantic decisions of its members ("First Love").

But wait, there's even more.
Read the full review here


  1. Dear Ms. Campbell...because you are big woman to me & I am not a facesty bwai,

    I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to more...Also congratulations on the Commonwealth Short List.


  2. Thanks Geoffrey whether you are a facety bwai or not!!!!You are doing a good job with your own writing and interests. I enjoy reading your blog