Saturday, December 5, 2015

Now on amazon The Rag Doll & Other Stories

The Rag Doll and Other Stories now an ebook on amazon
Extract from Kamau Brathwaite's Introduction to the collection of stories in The Rag Doll: Published by Savacou in 1978 (Nothing in print should now be lost - one of the positives of the Internet and publishing access to the all)

"Hazel Campbell is clearly influenced by our first major (and male exceptional) novelist. His 'tongues in the lane' clack-clack almost continuously' throughout this collection, except that the sacrificial figures in The Rag Doll are not Christs (Brother Man) but Virgin Mary, Magdalenes, submerged mothers capable of using the anti-cosmos of their tombs to liberate themselves. Hence the ambiguous sense of doom and resurrection pervades these - I almost said poems. 'Social comment' on the surface; a frail crucible of conflicting scars placed under it. 

Three stories for you to Read and enjoy.