Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing the stories-My new ebook 1

My new ebook

I don't always know where the idea for a story starts. Some come whole with characters already in place just waiting to tell their stories. Others, I have to drag it out of myself and coerce the characters. The stories in this collection My Darling YOU, cover a long period of time from First Love published by Savacou in the collection The Rag Doll in 1978 (long out of print) to ones written this year.

First Love was written at a time (the 70s) when the violence had started escalating in Jamaica and many persons were beginning to get alarmed about what was happening in the ghettos ( I think that's when we started permanently using the term - it used to be 'slums'). 

From my own personal history, I knew that it was a minority of persons giving the communities 'bad name' and that there were many persons just in poor circumstances, but living and trying to live a decent life for themselves and their children.

So First Love is about two young persons living in the ghetto who fall in love, but understand postponement - they hardly speak and there is absolutely no touching. Idealism? Romanticism? Perhaps. You can decide. Check it here: