Monday, April 23, 2012

My favourite story in My Darling You # 4

 My favourite story in my  new ebook collection of short stories is Emancipation Park. To understand more about the setting you need to read the article from which I have excerpted below:

Since Redemption Song was unveiled at the entrance to Kingston's new Emancipation Park a fortnight ago it has prompted a debate that has revisited myths about the black male, scratched at sores about "shadism" and brought to the fore a prudish streak in a country more renowned for taking things easy.Every morning the nation's airwaves and letters pages are jammed with comments that range from the puerile to the priggish and the raunchy to the racial; every evening a permanent crowd of different people gather to point, laugh and engage in bouts of public banter that mix art criticism and sex education.


Emancipation Park in the short story collection My Darling YOU started out to show Melissa repressed and controlled by her mother. It was my intention to show how this damaged her, then lo and behold, a young man stepped into  the story. I have no idea where he came from, but he took over the story and pretty much made it his own. While I was writing, I found myself being interested in following him to see what he would get up to next. It was highly entertaining. I would have liked to meet a young man like that in my salad years. LOL  I hope you like him too.
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